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Welcome to bookcruncher, a community for book lovers.
Originally I opened this place because I wanted a space in which to post my thoughts and musings on the books I read, my ideas, my critique, what it inspires me.
Still, I'm gonna leave this place open, and if anyone else feel like they have something to give to this place, they can join.
But I don't want this to become a "friends-a-holics" community, so if you join, it must be for a sincere and mature passion for books and reading.
To grant this I made some rules.
  • Closed membership. You'll have to contact me to join by commenting to this entry.

  • The community is moderated, therefore I'll have to approve of what you write. N.B. to approve of something doesn't necessarily mean to agree with what's written, but only that there aren't any issues against having it made public.

  • Posting access is not granted automatically, first I need to value members' maturity. Members with no posting access can begin by commenting in others' reviews.

  • The reviews will have to be well expressed. That means no "I really liked this book. The author is really great. It meant something to me. That's it."

  • No matter in what language you read the book, the review must be made in english. You can quote from a book in another language as long as you also give an english explanation to what it means. That is because I decided to make this an English-speaking community. I myself live in Italy and make the effort despite most of the books I read are in Italian.

  • Be mature both in posting and commenting, even when you don't agree with what other people say. Debate is okay, childish argument no. And no drama, please. Respect other people's point of view.

  • Books can either be novels, collections of short stories, collections of poems, essays. All kind of genres, fiction or non-fiction, from adult's to children's books. But for anyone willing to write a review of an adult book, please bear in mind the difference between erotica and pornography. And choose the first one.

This is not supposed to be elitist or anything, anyone with a bit of brain and capable of using it correctly will be able to be an active member. Apparently this doesn't apply to all the people using livejournal, as I had the chance to notice in other communities, which is why I had to set some rules.

The expression Bookcruncher was inspired by a short story by Tibor Fischer, from the book Don't read this book if you're stupid.

bookcruncher is mantained and moderated by littlekasino.
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