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Sophie's World

Book Title:
Sophie's World

Book Author:
Jostein Gaarder

Book Information:
Dolphin paperback reissued 2003
ISBN 978 1 85881 530 5
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Who are you?
The question that haunted you throughout your years of high school, lingered during your twenties, lurked behind your subconscious during your thirties and settled within denial later on. Because eventually you reach that age where you think it's not suitable to still be wondering who you are.

«Who are you?
She had no idea. She was Sophie Amundsen, of course, but who was that? She had not really figured that out - yet.
What if she had been given a different name? Anne Knutsen for instance. Would she then have been someone else?
She suddenly remembered that Dad had originally wanted her to be called Lillemor. Sophie tried to imagine herself shaking hands and introducing herself as Lillemor Amundsen, but it seemed all wrong. It was someone else who kept introducing herself.»
Sophie's World is a philosophical book about philosophy. Not only it's simple and direct in its trip through the history of philosophy. making clear examples and fascinating comparisons to our world today, turning itself into at once the best textbook on philosophy and one of the most fascinating novels ever written. It also raises all those questions you used to ask when you were a child and everything was new, and slowly stopped wondering about once life and age made you jaded. What is the fabric of reality? And how important is the certainty of what is real and what isn't? Why are we the way we are and do we do the things we do? Raise your hand if you have never asked yourself any of these questions, not because you were right, but for Jostein Gaarder to grab that hand and pull it up and out of your built up certainties
«So now you must chose, Sophie. Are you a child who has not yet become world-weary? Or are you a philosopher who will vow never to become so?
If you just shake your head, not recognizing yourself as either a child of a philosopher, then you have got so used to the world that it no longer astonishes you. Watch out! You are on thin ice. And this is why you are receiving this course in philosophy, just in case. I will not allow you, of all people, to join the ranks of the apathetic and the indifferent. I want you to have an inquiring mind.»
I want you to have an inquiring mind. That was it, that's what made me decide this book was more precious than the fancy pink cover and the classification as a children's book would give it credit for. To have an inquiring mind. I have been noticing, and not at all alone, the apathy and inertia that's been expanding through out the young ones. Songs going "I believe the children are our future" sound terribly wrong and outdated when you see children trying to emulate our way of walking talking and wearing trashy clothes and killing their potentiality for great imagination watching reality shows and reading E!Weekly. I have a 12 year old niece who miraculously managed to remain childish. Her brain works at the speed of sound, she's so smart and so imaginative! And I dread the idea that tomorrow she might want to wake up and only care about what her butt looks like in expensive GAP jeans and what the cutie from X-factor is doing now. She's the Sophie that we just can't allow to join the ranks of apathetic and indifferent people. We all are. Jostein Gaarder rang the bell and we all need to wake up and listen. As most philosophers, he might not be able to provide us with answers that satisfy us, but he will remind us of what the questions are.
«The most subversive people are those who ask questions. Giving answers is not nearly as threatening. Any one question can be more explosive than a thousand answers.»

Sophie's World, since 1991 in bookstores near you at £6.99!
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